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New Experiments in Electronic Voice Phenomena
Instrumental Trans-Communication

I started experimenting with instrumental trans-communication back in 2015 and due to very successful results I have continued to experiment for the past four yearsDue to recording anomalous voice messages which include a large number of introductions, greetings and announcements, I entitled this work 'The Greetings Project'.
How to use the site :
  • Click onto the My EVP Recordings pages to listen to samples of typical EVP's recorded.
  •  Please check the News and Articles page for all the latest developments
  • This downloadable document is an early report on receiving trans-images - in the form of music album covers on a digital voice recorder during 2015.

  • Further work with trans-images can found in Chapters 7 and 8 of the Greetings Project e-book. Work with anomalous images is ongoing.

  • The images of faces which appear on the cover of the e-book and the seven on the top banner of the website were recorded in May and July 2017. They were obtained by pointing a webcam at the laptop screen and recording video for about 8 minutes. Each individual frame was then examined for anomalous images which were then clipped and saved as JPEGS. See Chapter 7 of the e-book for further details.

  •  I'm still in the process of trying to sort out the blog...this may take some time!
           So until this is up and running...

          For all correspondance please email:   S [email protected]


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