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Instrumental Trans-Communication

May 2019

Can ITC be of use to investigators in Missing Person’s investigations?

I have been doing some research into this subject on the internet and I have found a number of rather poor quality videos containing samples of electronic voice recordings (evp) claiming to come from or referring to various missing persons, posted to You Tube and elsewhere, and claiming to have recorded information from or about a missing person.  There is a lack of scientific and ethical care shown in many of these current evp videos which is worrying. They largely appear to have been done without any scientific controls and without the consent of family and the co-operation of the police and authorities. This current situation may well upset and confuse families and could potentially subvert an investigation if confidential information were to be revealed in the recordings.

But can evp recordings be of any real help to a missing persons’ investigation? As it is I suspect that what is available on the internet would do more harm than good. There is also a real possibility that psychics and mediums, including digital-mediums recording ITC and evp, could fall under suspicion from the investigators should information, for example in an unsolved murder case, be revealed through the recordings. Although evidence gained through any psychic means is not admissible in court, if the information it provides is good and true, it may lead investigators to finding evidence which is admissible. The key questions to ask are whether recorded evp voices or images from ITC have been or could be of any use in these types of cases. Has any good information already been shared with investigators and the families? If so it needs to be collected and analysed for authenticity and validity.

As far as I am aware there have been no pilot studies conducted into the use of evp and ITC in missing person’s cases and I can’t find any suggested research designs, so I will have to start from scratch if I take this forward as a research project. An initial report is being written about this and some trials are already underway, but there are important issues needing to be resolved in order to investigate this topic safely, scientifically and ethically. I am particularly looking for collaborators with police or investigative expertise, to help develop a research design and take part in some trials. Please email me if you are interested.

April 2019

New Trans-images!

Further anomalous images recorded on video in April 2019. The method remains the same, simply point a webcam focused on the computer screen and record for a few minutes. Mentally or telepathically transmit invitation to Spirits to impress their features on the video. Then examine each frame - the faces are usually quite small on the screen so look closely. The results similar to previous years, many partial and super-imposed. faces I know these are a little dark, but they are still amazing.

New evp samples - coming soon!

A new page of evps is under construction which will guide readers through the recorded evp evidence - which is contained in the 2nd edition of The Greetings Project Book.

I've made no new progress at recording direct radio voice, but I will continue to try.  I think this might come later if I can set up a home circle, but that will have to wait a year or so due to the limitations of current accomodation.

I'm seeking UK-based volunteer sitters for testing digital mediumship with real sitters, please email me if you would like to take part - these will be held in London.

I am also interesting in testing the value of ITC in Missing Persons cases.
If anyone would like to take part in some trials, please email me,

Writing is underway for the 2nd Edition of the e-book for The Greetings Project


New Year 2019

Dear All,
I am still clipping individual evp's from recordings made during 2017 -  it's taking a while to get completely up to date!  When this work is complete it will provide a sizeable and rich resource for further analysis. The current samples on the website will eventually be updated to show a larger range of evp from the recordings over the last four years. The current samples on the site are not necessarily a selection of the best I've recorded, although a few of them are, but they do show their diversity and the range of quality. 

Other  work in progress:

Writing a new book on the Greetings Project. 
The second edition will include:

  •  Extended linguistic analysis of the evps recorded using a Word gram - to present the data in numerical form
  • A new detailed report explaining and evidencing the importance of personal evidence and of 'dialogical' exchanges recorded throughout the project. 
  • Ongoing recordings of trans-images and evp 
  • Attempts to record direct radio voice and capture on film
  • Plans to apply these techniques with a small group of people for the purposes of evaluating methods for digital mediumship.

May 2018

Direct Radio Voice. Is it True?

In my 2018 e-book The Greetings Project, I presented evidence from three years of experimentation with ITC (Instrumental Trans-Communication) wherein I recorded over 8000 evp (electronic voice phenomenon) and over 100 trans-images, including anomalous music album covers recorded on a digital voice recorder and anomalous faces captured on a webcam and computer screen. I concluded that although the evidence from the project is compelling, it is not yet conclusive enough to confirm that the messages are from spirits or beings in another dimension, such as ET’s - and that there are many other competing hypothesis which also need to be considered further. 

However the fact remains that the project provided strong evidence of paranormality in the phenomenon recorded including dialogical responses to my questions and comments, messages containing personal information, repetitions of the same group of voices on different recorders, and on different radio frequencies. They have been recorded with and without radio as background noise and spontaneous evp's have been found on pre-recorded computer sound files. However, as has been noted, there are problems with corraborating evp, many are low in volume and of varying clarity. There are also difficulties interpreting them, but the e-book suggests some ideas that ITC researchers can explore further to overcome some of these difficulties.

Excluding the fake and fraudulent, the strongest evidence for the veracity of ITC phenomena is said to come from 'direct radio voice'. Unlike ordinary evp’s, direct radio voice (DRV) is claimed to occur when the voice of the 'communicating being', can be heard audibly in real time through the speaker, unlike ordinary evp which can only be heard upon playing back a recording. But where is the demonstrable evidence that DRV is real? There are very few detailed technical evaluations of DRV by ITC experimenters. Anabela Cardoso's written work (2012:2018) and that of Hans Otto Konig (2018) - are perhaps the most recent examples available to the public. There are also videos on the internet which promote the authenticity of Marchello Bacci's work in Italy. However, and I don't mean to be hyper-critical here, the quality of the controls and technical evaluations are always weaker in terms of substantiating the evidence than phenomenological evaluations which seem to predominate in narratives of this kind of work.

To an extent, it is true to say that audio recordings of DRV - are not particularly useful as confirmatory evidence of paranormality because audio recordings can be open to accusations of being over-dubbed. Plus using audio alone, there is no way of discerning whether a recorded evp is DRV or a more usual play-back evp. However if we could obtain some film with audio of a DRV recording and with a number of witnesses, conducted in controlled conditions, this might provide experimenters with a firmer base upon which to assess the evidential nature of the phenomenon.

I am attempting to record direct radio voice using a webcam, laptop and a range of radios, with independent witnesses present. The controls in place so far are that the room and adjoining rooms and all equipment are thoroughly searched and inspected by a qualified electrical engineer and the prime investigator and an independant guest, prior to all recordings. Other controls and a more rigorous research design will be developed after initial trials are completed during the Summer and Autumn of 2019. In much of the ITC literature much is made of the many reports of an instance where a DRV was recorded in front of a live televised audience. This was in the early-mid 2000’s and occurred during a live transmission of a German TV show with Rainer Holb hosting ITC experimenter Hans Otto Konig. But so far I have not been able to locate any film of this on the internet. If anyone has a copy or a link to this, or any other filmed evidence of DRV I would be grateful for an email.

(I already have plenty of links to videos about Marcello Bacci's work and 'The afterlife Investigations', but if anyone has any other links, suggestions  would be very welcome!)
January / February 2018

This year I intend to continue my work with recording evp and trans-images, plus I'm attempting to record Direct Radio Voice. I've sourced some old 1950's/60's valve radios to record Direct Radio Voice using the SW band - around 8 m/c.  So far I have not yet been successful, but the year has only just begun. If I successfully record this rare phenomenon, I will post up the results.

September 2017

41th International SPR Conference 2017. East Horsely, Leatherhead,
1-3 September.

I am very pleased to report that the updated findings from the Greetings Project, including the recordings of trans-images, the black box recordings and the spontaneous flight simulator evp files - were presented to the SPR Conference on the 3rd September.  As usual the conference was very well attended and provided a variety of interesting speakers on a range of subjects related to psychical research over the three days.  Due to family commitments in the evening I had to leave early, so I would like to thank the conference committee and the delegates for a very interesting day and for supporting this work.

​Here's a copy of the presentation.

August 2017

New EVP samples added to the EVP pages .

Some of these are from the 'Black Box' recordings made October to December 2016.
These are interesting because they illustrate what happened when I wrapped the digital voice recorder and the i-pad in several Faraday bags and placed them inside the Black box whilst recording. The bags and box certainly altered the types of sounds and evp that were recorded and what can be heard, some are good and clear, others not so.  

Other samples are from the 'Rainloop' recordings. To replicate the spontaneous evp phenomenon found in the flight simulator files (see below) I made a one minute sound loop of natural rain and made seven copies and left these on the Dell PC. I returned and listened to them a few days later and here are some samples of what was heard.


August 2017

A report of spontaneous EVP phenomenon: from the Greetings Project Book
Draft chapter: 'Ghosts in the Flying Machine'.  Please feel free to download.

Due to the game developer's copyright I cannot publish samples of the evp files from this event on the website.  
However, I have replicated this spontaneous evp event using my own recordings of rain and wind.  
Expect an update on 'the Rainloop experiments' with new evp samples on the site very soon. 

June 2017 Greetings Project - Update

Ghosts in the (flying) Machine?

I wasn't entirely convinced that it was possible for 'spirit communicators' to spontaneously leave messages on computers without any human interventions - such as asking them to, or by conducting recordings. When I first read accounts of such phenomenon in Butler and Butler, Macy and Locher-Fischbach's books and in other reports on the Luxembourg and Scole experiments, I was admittedly quite sceptical, but not any more!

Very recently I discovered that a number of commercially recorded sound files on a program on my old Dell computer, have been mysteriously altered and now may contain evp's from some of the 'communicators' from the Greetings Project. This is especially interesting because the computer has been locked away in the garage and has not been used for about 5 years. During this time the computer has not been used for evp recordings and it hasn't been connected to the internet since it was put into storage in 2012.

Here's a brief summary of the incident.

In search of new ways to record evp, I recovered my old Dell computer from the garage. It hadn't been used for many years. I kept this PC because it has a remarkably good sound card which I paid extra for to have installed. The PC started up and worked perfectly.  Recording tests conducted in late May using my usual radio set up and the Dell's in-built sound recorder produced a number of clear Class B and C evp's. Great I thought, this provides me with another piece of kit with which to record evps and with the added bonus that it isn't connected to the internet which may partly rule out contamination by Wifi.

Since I was a young boy, I have always had an interest in aviation and many years ago I began taking flying lessons with a view to gaining my private pilot's licence.  But work commitments, time and money meant this had to be shelved. As part of that interest I had a flight simulator program installed on the old Dell PC.  It's a great program, it's very old now, but given that flying lessons cost around £100 per hour in the UK, a flight sim is a good way to practice - and fly with enough realism to enhance real-world flying skills.

One evening, I decided to see if the program still worked, so I opened it and loaded a twin-engined Cessna 310 aircraft and took off from 'London City' airport to fly a few circuits and see if I could still perform a good landing without crashing! I put on my headphones and started the flight. Many pre-recorded sounds come with this program, such as radio messages, air traffic control voices, engine and other control noises, landing gear, flaps, electronic warnings, special effects, etc.

Once I was 'airborne' I noticed that I wasn't hearing the usual voices coming from air traffic control, but I could read a text display of these. That's odd I thought, it must be a glitch, I may have to do a re-install if it doesn't correct itself at the next start up.  As I was 'flying' over the Thames Estuary, cruising at about 5000 feet, my ears had attuned to the engine noise, and among this I heard a faint voice repeatedly saying 'Adam pulled the plug'. I was flabbergasted! I turned up the volume and there it was quite clearly, a class CB evp.  As I moved the throttle forward to increase the engine speed, the voice message also speeded up and when I pulled the throttle back to slow the engine, the voice also slowed. I was amazed.
I then closed and re-opened the program and set up another flight, this time using an Embraer twin-prop aircraft from 'Liverpool airport'.  This time I could hear a different evp message repeating through the roar of the engines, two male voices, one after another, repeated over and over - in time with the throb of the engine, 'Number 3, not there'.  I tried another aeroplane and loaded it into a different airport location and I could also hear voices  in the background which should not be present on these pre-recorded sound files. I have ghosts in my flying machine!

I closed the program and went into the C drive to find the location of the sound files in the flight simulator.  
They are all located in a 'Sounds' file in the main program and some are also contained within individual aircraft files. I clicked the properties of a few of these and as I far as I can ascertain, the date stamps have not changed since they were first made, the file dates do not show any modifications. I checked the file sizes and these are the same as when they were originally recorded by the game manufacturers. I will copy and save the 'modified' sound files and then compare these with the originals from the CD. Whilst I was in the C drive I also sampled a few of the weather and special effects sound files using windows media player and on these I could also hear anomolous voices which should not be there.

A key question is were these evp's recorded at the time that the sound files were originally recorded by the sound file manufacturers? If so, everyone with the program will have these and they will be on the CD. Or have certain sound files been 'modified' by 'the communicators' as part of the Greeting Project phenomenon? My initial assessment is that it is the latter and I am truly impressed, this is the first time that anomalous phenomena have occurred spontaneously and independently of my intentions or recordings and now I feel somewhat stupid for doubting the evidence that others have already provided for this kind of phenomenon!

I have dozens of aircraft loaded into the program, which means there are a couple of hundred sound files. I'll have to check each one of these to see which contain evp's and whether any of these contain personal messages, such as my name, or other evidential features  which suggest that they are from the Greetings Project communicators and are highly unlikely to have been recorded during the sound file's manufacture.

This is going to take some time! I'll make a start analysing these soon and report back with the findings. 


May 2017 Greetings Project: Updated Trans-images Chapter.

Report on recent experiments with a webcam and laptop to capture anomalous images during May 2016

and April 2017. I am still uncertain as to whether these images are anomalous or paranormal - but they are interesting.

April 2017

I have continued to record when possible and I have found some interesting results.
The overall collection of evp's continues to grow with little change in the types of messages received
and with the same group of 'communicators' participating.  

The quality of the evp range from class C to B for both clarity and volume, but the majority are CC and this reinforces
David Ellis's view  (The Mediumship of The Tape Recorder 1972) that a major problem is interpreting them consistently. 

I have not yet been successful at capturing photo-images of the communicators at the same time as receiving an evp
message containing  their name, but I shall keep on trying. I'm also focusing on recording dialogic exchanges and if I can record some  class  A evps - in this category - I will upload them to the site.

Here are some sample trans-images from experiments I conducted with a webcam and laptop in March.



EVPLondon Group Recordings 27th October 2016.

Group EVP recordings involving seven participants hailed a success.

 A range of uncontrolled and controlled evp experiments were conducted in London at the end of October to test 
multiple recording methods, including a laptop computer, a digital voice recorder, an AV camera and other devices, and including the prototype EVPlondon 'black box' - a custom built box that effectively cuts out wireless, wifi and telephone signals.

Analysis of the recordings is ongoing, but initial results show over 180 messages were received over a four hour period on a total of four uncontrolled and one controlled recording.

​​ 19th September 2016.

1. Reports addressing common concerns of sceptical researchers and plans for new controlled experiments in the Black Box.

2. Report on presenting the findings from the Greetings Project to the 40th Anniversary International Conference of the
Society of Psychical Research at the University of Leeds, 2nd to 4th September 2016. This will also be available in the
December issue of the ITCJournal, courtesy of Dr Anabela Cardoso.

8th September 2016

Thanks to all those who organised the 40th Anniversary International Conference of the Society of Psychical Research at Leeds University last weekend.  And a big thanks to the conference committee for giving me the opportunity to present the findings from the Greetings Project.

It was an excellent conference with very interesting and exciting papers. I'm also grateful to all the guests and members who showed an interest in my work and as a result of post-conference discussions there is potential in working closer together with some of the members and guests to conduct more group recordings and listening tests.

PS. The full list of EVP's has now been updated, and is shown in the links on previous pages, there's still some work to do on some of the middle session files, but once these are done, I'll redo the analysis and update the graphs and the main report. As a result of feedback received from the conference discussions, I'm going to include a new analysis section to map dialogue and cross talk exchanges, and to tabulate the speakers' identities and consider refinements to the linguistic categories. I'm also considering the results overall in terms of possible codes and in the light of Myer's 'cross-correspondances'.

Thanks again.

8th August 2016.

Thanks to all those who listened to my talk (and those of all the other excellent speakers) in London today.
I hope you found them of interest.  I was reminded that I hadn't published the results of the EVP experiment we recorded last year.  Unfortunately the sound files are very noisy and the quality of the recordings is poor, but I will try to get them cleaned up and then I will post them in the EVP section. Until then, my interpretations of them are shown in the graphic below.
July 11th 2016 NEW!

Post - Greetings Project Recordings.

I have added some new 'Class A' EVP's to My EVP Recordings Page.

These were recorded during April 2016.

5th June 2016 Mediumship and ITC.

4th May 2016

Please see updated  Report from 'The Greetings Project'.


24th April 2016

Please take a look at the findings from The Greetings Project Prezi Presentation

This also contains embedded samples of some of the EVP's recorded. 


 January 2016​​

Please feel free to read my article 'Observations on the Shocking State of Psychical Research' .

More interest needs to be shown in ITC by the scientific community - but I realise that for this to happen bridges

need to be built between the different communities and groups involved in ITC research, especially between the

lay psychical investigators and experimenters - who have the practical experience, the mediumistic and psychic

communities - who have the otherworldly contacts and academics who can bring new insights to understandings

of ITC.  Although of course there are EVP experimenters who belong to all of these groups.
Contemporary Research into EVP and Instrumental Trans-communication
Paper 1 Emants Baruss February 2016
Following my January 2016 article Shocking observations on the State of Psychical Research
I present the first in a series of articles examining key studies in evp and instrumental trans-communication (ITC) beginning with Emants Baruss and I hope to add new reports soon.
April 2nd 2016

'Why, is an educationalist, educational researcher and teacher interested in psychical and paranormal research particularly instrumental trans-communication?' 

15th April 'Building a new ITC community of practice'.
20th April 2016. 'A Note on Fakery and Fabrication'
Also thanks to Ron Ruiz at  iDigital Medium  http://idigitalmedium.com
Where I dicovered this really fantastic new video documentary about EVP and ITC research. 
Entitiled: Calling Earth by Daniel Drasin. 2015 
It's quite long at 1 hr 25 but it's well worth watching.